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Best New Crime Thriller Books of All Time

All of Timothy Leff’s best crime thriller books are listed on this page. You can either buy these crime thriller books from the website or visit Amazon.com to order these books. You won’t regret adding any of these best thriller books of all time, to your library.

Fault Line

Bill has come home to see his little sister get married. He brought along some of his Army buddies to enjoy this slice of small town America. They were looking forward to getting some rest and relaxation away from war. Unfortunately, war has found them here, on the streets of small town America. This tranquil setting is interrupted when a man forces a woman down on her knees in the middle of Main street. When he brings the muzzle down, just inches from her beautiful face, the soldiers are forced to take action.


The action-packed and greatly anticipated sequel to “Levels” catches up with Jake and Clare. They’ve found a respite from the chaos that had taken over their lives after their adventure in Wentley’s Department Store. They searched through countless realities struggling to find a way to get back to their families, back to their reality. They’d come close but there was always something that wasn’t right. This place isn’t their original reality, but they are happy together and at least nobody is actively trying to kill them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last.


Jake struggles to keep it under control, fighting to push it down. He feels like he’s floating away, disconnected from everything around him. His throat clamps down to only a small hole to breathe through. Nausea ties his guts up in knots, a coppery taste floods his mouth. Something stirs deep inside him. It grows stronger, threatening to overwhelm him. When the elevator doors finally open nothing is as it should be. He takes hold of Clare’s elbow and is assaulted anew. Bright flashing lights and a deafening roar threaten to overpower him. When he’s finally able to open his eyes he sees they are alone. What was a bustling department store is now deserted, a thick layer of dust and discarded items are all that’s left.

Jake discovers he has the ability to cross between realities. With help from Clare, Kimberly, Tommy, and LouAnne their combined abilities may be enough to keep them alive long enough to figure out what’s going on. Each level is a new fight. The action keeps ramping up right to the dramatic end.

A Life Worth Living

T. L. Scott’s breakout novel is a family drama that tells the story of Dave, a hard-working man who has made sacrifices for his family. All he wants to do is provide a good life for his family. He sacrifices his time with them to provide them with the lifestyle he believes they deserve. When tragedy strikes, he is forced to face the consequences of his decisions. How hard will he have to fight? How much will he be willing to sacrifice to hold onto the life he has? This is a story of love, loss, and one man’s struggle to find redemption.

Ride With The Wind

This is the second book in the Scary series. In this adventure, our brave hero cannot seem to become sleepy no matter how hard she tries. That is when her adventure begins. It is her greatest adventure yet. She meets her best friend who just happens to secretly be a unicorn.

Scary is a brave young adventurer that is faced with challenges that she must face. Come along on her magical journey on a Dark Dark night.

A Scary Story

Scary is a brave young girl that finds herself all alone on a path in the woods on a dark dark night. She has to be brave and face her fears while she finds her way to safety.
Come along with Scary on her adventure on a dark dark night. Scary uses her eyes and ears to tell what dangers are around her. She has to be brave even though she is scared. Being brave is okay, it makes us be careful. We have to be careful because it can be dangerous on a dark dark night.
This is a story that teaches children to pay attention to what is around them and to be brave even though they may be frightened. It can allow parents to engage with their children and discuss possible dangers they may face. In the story, Scary faces an owl, a cat, and a dog. Come along with Scary for an adventure on a dark dark night.

Shifting Sands

When she fails to come home; her parents make a frantic call to the police. All they find are her footprints in the snow and her discarded purse in the ditch.

FBI Special Agent Michael Cavanaugh is in charge of a task force to bring down a drug and human trafficking operation spread across multiple states. He brought in Bill Thompson, a former Army Special Forces operator and now an FBI Agent. The leader of this network is someone Bill has been tracking for a long time. Miguel led a gang that invaded his hometown, killed his best friend, Raul, and shot Bill’s sister on her wedding day. Bill promised he would catch Miguel and he won’t stop until he does.

This fast-paced sequel to Fault Line keeps the action coming as Bill Thompson closes in on his quarry. Fans of Jack Carr, Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, and Daniel Silva are sure to find this a worthy read.

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