T.L. Scott


Best Selling Crime Thriller Novel and Books Author

Timothy Leff is one of the best when it comes to crime thriller novels. His best selling crime thriller books and novels include Fault Line, Tunnels, Levels, A Life Worth Living, Ride With The Wind and Shifting Sands. Each book is a read that will keep you binge reading. All these best selling crime thriller novels are available on Amazon for purchase!

About The Author

T.L. Scott grew up in a small mid-western town. He could often be found with his nose in a good book, even while walking around. Small-town life was good but he craved adventure. He wanted to make a difference in his life so he joined the Navy. Over the course of his Naval career, Scott was exposed to people from all walks of life. It is his love of storytelling and passion for characters of all types that give his characters life. They are the ones that tell their story.


Fault Line



A Life Worth Living

Ride With The Wind

Shifting Sands


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